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You pour your heart into your production, your worship, your songs, make sure they 
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David is a Dove Award nominated mixer and producer who mixes with the goal of maximum impact and connection to the listener.

He works mainly in Worship, CCM, Pop, and Country genres.


But GodJohn Waller
00:00 / 00:53
Ain't No Grave (cover)Midway Music
00:00 / 00:40
Lord And ChristJimi Cravity
00:00 / 00:40
Me and YouHunter Laird
00:00 / 00:45
Love So WonderfulDaniel Bashta
00:00 / 00:33
I Wanna Be OKCaleb James
00:00 / 00:58
Todd Headshot.jpg

Todd Lyons


"David Dalton is the first call for mix on all of my projects.  His care and detail are un matched and he will work with me until it is perfect.  I’ve never had a song not be transformed by his touch and creativity in the mix.  I cannot recommend David enough."


John Waller


"I’ve worked with many producers throughout my career. It takes tremendous skill and intuition to be a producer, but one key element many producers lack is heart. But it’s heart that makes the final product stand out and above. That’s the best way I can describe David Dalton as a producer. He puts his heart into his work."


David Lanza

Music Director

"Working with David is always an absolute joy! He has a fantastic ear and brings every project to life in a way the takes it beyond our expectations."



Waymaker (cover)Kyle Edenfield
00:00 / 01:14
FictionTrash Country Kiss
00:00 / 00:52
Surrounded (cover)Foundation Worship
00:00 / 00:35
Praying MommaWilkes and the Coles
00:00 / 00:30
Light The WaySeth Rice
00:00 / 00:53
Here In His LoveFaith Family Music
00:00 / 00:40
Only GodGardner Pippin
00:00 / 00:43
New NameMidway Music
00:00 / 01:11
We Choose HopeThree Streams Music
00:00 / 00:59

"David perfectly rides the line of taking a track where I want it and where he hears it going. He never deviates too far from my vision but he’s also not scared to push the boundaries to steer the track to places I may have not thought of. I’ve worked with tons of guys who are great at “doing their thing” but my original vision gets lost. David listens to what you want and executes it perfectly. He will exceed your expectations." - Jason Wilkes, Producer


“David has been incredible to work with on multiple projects. His attention to detail and extensive industry knowledge puts him at the top... Three words: I highly recommend.” Clint Nolder, Pastor

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